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Children's Picture Books

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The Christmas Tooth Fairy:

The Christmas Tooth Fairy

"An innovative, delightful story, with creative answers to age-old questions about the tooth fairy. An enjoyable children's book for reading while enhancing the fanciful and mystical imagination." - Dr. William Barr, Super of Schools (Ret.) Monterey Co. CA, and Faculty member, Graduate School of Education, U.C. Berkeley

"A magical story for children of all ages…" - Barbara C., Pebble Beach CA

"A fun story with engaging illustrations. This book is also a useful tool for parents to teach their kids important life lessons about seeking solutions and considering consequences." - Terry F. General Manager, The Salinas Californian

"I love it. What a delightful 'O'Henry' ending! I never saw it coming. I can't wait to read it to my students… An amazing take on one of my favorite lessons, 'Where there's a will, there's a way.'" - Amelia H., Teacher, Fulton, MS.

"This is a great book! I love the story. I also like the chants. I remember all four of them. I am going to tell my friends all about them." - Francesca T., age 6

"Great read aloud that brings together two unexpected characters in a clever and unique way. The pictures are captivating and will pull children into this surprising story about teamwork and problem solving." - Valerie R., Kindergarten Teacher

"Murlie Hanson has created an imaginative children's story that artfully blends the contemporary with the classic. A twist on the traditional fairy tale, this bedtime story gives kids and adults alike the chance to believe in magic." - Katie P., Freelance Writer

"This charming and utterly delightful story is a joy to read. Well-told and illustrated magically, …it is sure to capture your child's imagination in a most wonderful way!" - Debra C., Interior Designer, Carmel, Ca

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